Owned by Washington wine pioneer Jerry Milbrandt.

To request a sample or inquire about any of these wines, please contact us for details.

Bulk Wine Price list

2015 Chardonnay: 135,000 gallons @ $7/gal
2015 Pinot Gris: 6,000 gallons @ $8/gal
2015 White Riesling: 250,000 gallons @ $5/gal
2015 Blush: 60,000 gallons @ $5.50/gal

2016 Chardonnay: 80,000 gallons @ $8/gal
2016 White Riesling: 65,000 gallons @ $6/gal
2016 Merlot: 110,000 gallons @ $12/gal
2016 Syrah: 45,000 gallons @ $13/gal
2016 Cabernet Sauvignon: 210,000 gallons @ $14/gal
2016 Blush: 30,000 gallons @ $6.50/gal

*Pricing and availability may change.


Inquire about our Custom Crushing services by contacting us.

Ancient Lake Wine Company Home Services Custom Crushing


$275/ton – processing (165gallon/ton, fermentation, storage through December of Harvest year)

$150/ton – press and go

*prices may change

Ancient Lake Wine Company Home Services Press and Go Pressing


We work closely with our clients to determine the style and quality of wine they want to achieve. We custom tailor the winemaking to fulfill those guidelines. We can also provide guidance in choosing a packaging supplier and coordinate those efforts from A to Z.

Current Varieties: White Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.

AVA: Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley and outsourcing to several WA AVAs available.

Before blending, the client will be given a general price list for each variety and treatment, allowing them to choose which lots of wine to consider. Once the blend is created, they will be quoted a final price per gallon. This includes storage of wine until bottling as well as regular QC monitoring.

The price per gallon for each wine is dependent on the vintage and volume requested by the client. Custom winemaking fees are quoted individually to each client. To get a quote for the next vintage, please contact us.

Ancient Lake Wine Company Home Services Custom Winemaking


We are the only 100% outdoor wine storage facility in Washington. Each tank is it’s own biosphere. Each wine is different and every tank can be manipulated to reach the client’s goals. We’ve produced and stored volumes of 90-point wines in our state-of-the art outdoor facility.

Capacity: 13,000 tons

$.08 per gallon per month – storage Included – Temperature controlled storage with mixing (if desired) to prevent temperature stratification. Monthly monitoring for FSO2, VA and DO. No in and out fees. Available tank sizes will be communicated to the client in order to maintain best fits.

Ancient Lake Wine Company Home Services Wine Storage


Inquire about our upcoming bottling program by contacting us.

Our bottling line is scheduled to be installed by harvest of 2017.

Ancient Lake Wine Company Home Services Bottling

We are taking a natural product in its prime, and helping it show its maximum potential through the art of winemaking to reach our clients’ goals.  We have a strong passion in allowing the grapes to speak for themselves through the wine, helping consumers identify the region they were grown and the different characteristics each site’s terroir promotes.  In our pursuit for excellence and our client’s success, we take many educated risks to help reach an optimum flavor profile for each block of grapes we process, narrowing down winemaking techniques that are uniquely desirable.  Hence, culminating a structurally balanced, terroir expressive wine which all wine enthusiasts are sure to never forget.